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Davis FFA

"Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve"

The 2016-2017 Chapter Officer Team

Each year, Davis FFA members elect a team of six Officers to lead the Chapter. Officers are responsible for developing a plan for activities, encouraging member involvement, as well as representing and advocating for members at the Sectional, Regional, State, and National levels. Many officers have gone above and beyond to help make Davis FFA the best it can be. This work transcends their time in high school so that future generations may benefit from the program. This years officer team is no exception. 

President: Emma Juchau

Our President is Emma Juchau. She presides over all meetings of the members as well as officers and serves as the student head of our chapter. Emma will also run Davis FFA's official End of the Year Banquet.

Current year involved in agriculture: 4th

Favorite Part of FFA: "I love meeting people locally and throughout the state and country who share my passion for agriculture."

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, writing, all things horse, photography and graphic design

Favorite Ag Fact: "Soybeans are an incredibly important commodity and are used in all sorts of different things."

Career Plans: "Attend Cal Polly SLO or Prescott college and major in either Agriculture Communications/Journalism or Animal-Assisted Therapy."

Vice President: Aidan McNerney

Our Vice President is Aidan McNerney. Her duties include presiding over meetings in the absence of the president and assume other duties of the president. She will also fulfill all of the responsibilities of the president in the event that the office becomes vacant by their resignation.

Current year involved in agricultural education: 4th

Favorite Part of FFA: You get to gain leadership skills, make friends and learn valuable skills like public speaking that will be helpful in your future.

Favorite Hobbies: Traveling and baking

Favorite Ag Fact: California is the largest producer of food in the U.S. but has less than 4% of farms in the US

Career Plans: She would like to attend CSU Chico or Cal Poly SLO majoring in Animal Science


Secretary: Sarah Ferrell

Our Secretary is Sarah. Some of her responsibilities include keeping track of activity records and member attendance. He also takes official notes for all meetings.

Current year involved in agricultural education: 3rd

Favorite part of FFA: "Making connections with people I wouldn't connect with on a normal basis."

Favorite Hobbies: watching Survivor and being in nature

Favorite Ag Fact: Almonds rely entirely on honey bees for pollination during blooming time

Career Plans: Attend CU Boulder with a major in Sociology and minor in Women's Studies 

Treasurer: Hillary Thompson

Our Treasure is Hillary. He represents the officer team in all matters concerning financial policy or the budget. He manages the chapter's account under the direction of our adviser.

Current year in agriculture: 3rd

Favorite Part of FFA: Loves meeting new people and seeing what makes other chapters, sections and regions more successful.

Favorite Hobbies: Enjoys playing basketball, lifting and spending time with her friends.

Favorite Ag fact: Pigs are thought to be the 4th most intelligent animal, after chimps, dolphins and elephants.

Career Plans: Plans to stay in CA for college then apply to a vet school

Reporter: Grant Aboytes

Grant is this year's Reporter. Her duties include reporting activities to the local newspaper, keeping the community informed about Davis FFA, and creating the chapters' yearbook. 

Current year involved in agricultural education: 4th

Favorite Part of FFA: Grant loves the opportunities FFA provides for students

Favorite Hobbies: Shooting 

Favorite Ag Fact: The average U.S. farmer feeds 155 people

Career Plans: I'm enlisted in the United States Army

Sentinel: Luis Villanueva

This year's Sentinel is Luis. He is responsible for assisting in conducting meetings by greeting guests, arranging displays, and carrying out other duties assigned by the president.

Current year in agriculture education: 3rd

Favorite Part of FFA: Raising animals and meeting new people

Favorite Hobbies: Horseback riding

Favorite Ag Fact: Today's farmers grow more than "food, feed, and fiber" -they also grow plants that are processed into fuel. For example, corn can be made into ethanol and soybean oil can be made into diesel fuel

Career Plans: Attend Cal Polly and major in Agriculture Engineering 

Advisor: Sara Riddick

Ms. Riddick is new to Davis High this year. She is one of the two agricultural education teachers at DHS and will be teaching Ag Biology, Animal Science, and Floral Design. Her responsibilities include advising the officer team to the best of her ability and approving all business items.

Favorite part of the FFA: 


Interesting Fact:

Favorite Ag Fact:

Advisor: Alex Hess

Our other advisor is Mr. Hess. He is an agriculture teacher at Davis Senior High School and currently teaches Agriculture Engineering,  Animal Science, Ag Systems, and Veterinary Science. 

 Favorite part of FFA: "My favorite parts of FFA are when a new member gives their first speech in public, when a member helps their team earn a victory at a field day, and when a van is full of laughter riding home from convention."

Favorite Hobbies: Camping with family, barbecuing and cooking, coaching soccer, reading with his daughter, and playing with tools.

Interesting Fact: Went scuba diving in Vietnam and Taught English in Korea.

Favorite Ag Fact: "It takes just 40 days for most Americans to earn enough money to pay for their food supply for the entire year. In comparison with the 129 days it takes the average American to earn enough money to pay federal, state and local taxes for the year" (Ag Council of America).